OpenEPCIS : Enhance your traceability, interoperability, security, and compliance.

OpenEPCIS is an open-sourced fully compliant implementation of the GS1 EPCIS standard that also offers a number of open-source projects, tools, and artifacts that you may use and integrate right away within your system.

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EPCIS 2.0 standard

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Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) is a GS1-developed standard that enables the capture and exchange of visibility data, within and between organizations, for all types of physical and digital assets. The initial version EPCIS 1.0 was released in 2007 and the most recent version, EPCIS 2.0 was released in 2022 with many enhancements.

Key features of EPCIS


Utilize the most recent EPCIS event to determine an object's current location.


Track objects both upstream and downstream based on related EPCIS events.


EPCIS events collected over a interval can be interpreted for a business context.

And many more...

Other advantages offered by EPCIS include automation, verification, etc. read

EPCIS 2.0 and EPCIS 1.2 Support

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OpenEPCIS is an open-sourced fully compliant implementation of the GS1 EPCIS standard. Based on EPCIS & CBV 2.0 with seamless inegration for previous EPCIS 1.2 implementations. We encourage all interested parties (end users, solution providers, academia, etc.) to make use of our open-sourced fully compliant GS1 EPCIS 2.0 implementation OpenEPCIS to incorporate the GS1 EPCIS standard.

Core member of global GS1 working group

assisted standardization of EPCIS 2.0

More than 10 years experience

thorough knowledge of the standard

Cutting edge technologies

developed using latest technologies, supporting cloud-native landscapes

Community projects

providing various open source EPCIS software projects and tools.

Using the current standards, tools, and knowledge, we assist enterprises of all types and scales in seamlessly and successfully integrating the EPCIS standard.

OpenEPCIS projects & tools

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We have developed a number of open-source tools utilizing state-of-the-art technology and our knowledge of the EPCIS standard. These tools can be beneficial to different EPCIS community members as well as organizations looking to implement the EPCIS standard.

Format converter

Convert EPCIS documents from XML <-> JSON.

Event Hash generator

Generate event Hash-Ids for EPCIS document.

Test Data Generator

Generate events based on user specific requirements.

And many more...

OpenEPCIS has developed various other projects...